Oboz Footwear - How to find the right boots for your feet!

November 08, 2017

Choosing the correct boots will ensure your hike or outdoor adventure will be a most pleasurable experience and not one filled with pain and discomfort. A proper fit will help you avoid those annoying blisters that can develop at the most inopportune times.

A few things to keep in mind when purchasing your footwear. Choose the right boot or shoe for the appropriate activity. Will you be hiking on rugged uneven terrain  etc. Look for outsoles that are heavily textured for traction and stiff to provide ankle support in uneven terrain is a good idea.

If your hiking on trails in moderate terrain and if your just out on maybe a day hike, look for a low to mid-height hiking shoe or a sturdy trail running shoe. Choose shoes that have adequate traction, and look for a sole that’s more flexible as it will be more comfortable on the trail.

Once you find your perfect fit for your activity go ahead and make your purchase and remember new boots may be stiff and need some time to break in. Wear them around work or home to help move this process along before you get out on the trail

Take the time to research your footwear before making your purchase and you won't regret it. Trust me :)